Stop Trump’s War on the Poor

A message from our friends at People’s Action:

The Trump administration doesn’t think there are enough people living on the street.

Already, in America today, over half a million people are homeless. And over 19 million people are housing insecure.

The administration responded with over 7 billion dollars in cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These cuts will create an even greater homelessness crisis.

Housing is something that impacts each and every one of us. We believe that housing is a human right. No one should go through the pain and dangers of being homeless. All of us deserve a place we can call our home.

And the communities that will be hit the hardest are already vulnerable to housing insecurity — people of color, seniors, people with disabilities, LGBTQ communities, and the poor. Putting people out of their homes traps them in a web of hardship, including greater health problems and violence.

Meanwhile, billionaires are primed to receive even more tax breaks. Throwing the poor on the streets while wealthy families rake in more cash takes a horrible amount of cruelty.

Tell Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD, that we demand full funding of federal housing programs.


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