Who Profits When You Get Sick?

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A message from our friends at People’s Action:

Robert Coury, the Chairman of the drug corporation Mylan, made $97.6 million dollars last year.

In 2016, Mylan came under fire after it was revealed that it had hiked the price of EpiPens from $57 to $608 in recent years. Not only that, Mylan settled with the Department of Justice last year after it misclassified EpiPens with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, overcharging the U.S. government an estimated $1.27 billion.

Think it’s outrageous for a drug corporation to profit at our expense?

Well, Robert Coury has a message for you: Go f*** yourself.

According to the New York Times, in a meeting last summer to discuss ethical concerns about price-gouging, Coury raised both his middle fingers and delivered this crude message to anyone who criticizes the company, including members of the public, Congress, and the Food and Drug Administration.

Well, we have a message for Robert Coury, Mylan, and the pharmaceutical industry: Prescription drugs are a public good. We’re no longer going to let you profit when we get sick.

That’s why we’re demanding Congress require Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. The public pays for much of the research to develop prescription medications in the first place. Drug corporations like Mylan shouldn’t be allowed to rip us off.

Sign our petition to Congress now. Demand they pass legislation requiring Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and make prescription drugs available to everyone who needs them.


Robert Coury


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