An Incompetent, Unstable President MUST Resign

Yesterday, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker questioned Donald Trump’s fitness for office. Corker said Trump lacked the stability and competence to do his job.

Corker went on to suggest that if Trump continues along the current path, our nation is in “great peril.”

Bob Corker is right.

So, the question is: What next? What do we do about a President who lacks the stability and competence to perform his duties?

The answer is simple: Senators like Bob Corker call on President Trump to resign. How much longer can we stand by and watch a President lead us on a course Senator Corker says puts us in “great peril?”

Take a moment right now and contact Bob Corker — tell him you appreciate his words of truth about President Trump. Then ask him to call for Trump’s resignation.

Strangely, Senator Lamar Alexander has been silent on Trump’s recent behavior. It’s time for him to join the bipartisan chorus speaking out about the President’s instability.

Contact Lamar Alexander today. Ask him to join his fellow Tennessean Bob Corker and speak out about President Trump.


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