Protect Overtime Pay

A message from our friends at People’s Action:

Trump likes to talk about how working people are getting a raw deal. But he’s determined to undermine them at every turn.

Last year, the Obama administration changed the rules about which workers qualify for overtime pay. The rule meant that more than 12.5 million people would get a raise. But now, the Trump administration is attempting to undo these rules — once again, he’s siding with corporations over working people.

Overtime protections shield working class people from corporate exploitation by ensuring they get paid fairly for extra time they spend on the job.

Overtime pay is one important piece of the larger struggle for workers’ rights. When we take away overtime reforms, we leave room for employers like Walmart to exploit people who are already disadvantaged.

Workers’ rights are not just about numbers, they’re about quality of life. When working people are exploited by corporations, they’re unable to tend to their health, take care of their families, and have a fulfilling life outside of work.

Tell Trump’s Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, that the exploitation of workers is not welcome in any of our hometowns. Workers need more protections, not less.

Millions of working people are counting on us.


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