Speaking Truth to Power on Healthcare

Jennifer Yamin of Hendersonville engages Senator Bob Corker today outside an event in Hendersonville. Yamin joined with others from Sumner County concerned about healthcare in an attempt to talk with Corker about the issue ahead of next week’s return to Senate action.

Yamin expressed her belief that any path forward must protect individuals with pre-existing conditions like her son.
Corker specifically mentioned Tax Reform as a next step in the legislative process. It’s important to note that the current version of the House budget provides new tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans offset by cuts to Medicaid. In his response, Corker also mentioned giving states flexibility in implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Previous versions of this state-level flexibility allowed states to opt-out of mandating Essential Health Benefits in insurance plans.
Senator Lamar Alexander’s HELP Committee will hold hearings on healthcare next Wednesday and Thursday. It is believed some version of an ACA “fix” will be proposed and voted on before the end of September.
Check out the full video of Yamin’s exchange with Corker.
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