Online Voter Registration Comes to Tennessee

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You can now register to vote online in Tennessee.

The Tennessean has more:

The new system is already available online but the office will officially announce it next week. The move will put the state’s voter registration into the digital age as Tennessee joins a majority of other states that have already implemented similar systems.

“This system meets people where they already are: online,” Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “It will improve accuracy and efficiency for voters and election officials by ensuring there are fewer errors and more accurate voter rolls.”

The online voter option, now available at, is the product of a law passed in 2016 that called for the state to have an online registration system running by July 1, 2017.

Tennessee Citizen Action Executive Director Andy Spears said of the move:

Our organization has a long history of supporting ballot access. Moving to online voter registration makes it easier to register to vote. Tennessee is 50th in voter turnout — easing the voter registration process is a key step toward improving this ranking. We applaud the Secretary of State for making this a reality.


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