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Right before the CEOs of Equifax and Wells Fargo are set to testify before Congress, Senate Republicans are pushing to repeal the CFPB forced arbitration rule — as soon as this week! We need to throw everything we have into this to ensure it does not happen. Now is the time to get answers and hold these lawbreakers accountable, not to hand Equifax and Wells Fargo a get-out-of-jail-free card.

After credit-reporting giant Equifax exposed 143 million Americans to identity theft, the company tried to trick consumers into waiving their right to sue over its massive data breach. Wells Fargo continues to try to block consumers from taking it to court over its fake account scandal… or its auto insurance fraud… or its illegal overdraft fees.

Wall Street banks and payday lenders hide these “ripoff clauses” in the fine print to cover up criminal conduct and ensure we can’t join together to hold them accountable. Instead, consumers are forced into secret arbitration and end up paying their bank $7,725 on average.

Tell Senators Corker and Alexander to fight for Tennessee consumers, not Equifax and Wells Fargo – by defending  the CFPB arbitration rule:

You can use this tool to call your Senators and this call script.

Forced Arb Bull


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