Trump’s Health Care Sabotage

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Our friends at Tennessee Justice Center explain what’s happening with President Trump’s attempts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act:

This is what’s happened in the past couple days, and what it means:
Moreover, President Trump’s actions go against what the majority of Americans want him to do. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 60% of the American public favors Congress guaranteeing CSR payments to insurers. Also, 71% of the American public wants the Trump administration to make the Affordable Care Act work rather than make it fail.
So… What should we do?
First, keep spreading the word about Open Enrollment (Nov 1 – Dec 15). The Affordable Care Act has not been repealed. Also, in Tennessee, our insurance carriers assumed that the administration would end the CSR payments. This means that TN consumers will continue to have marketplace options available for next year, and they will continue to see the CSR benefit in 2018.
It’s vital for both Tennesseans’ health and for the stability of our market that people still enroll in health coverage during Open Enrollment! But the administration has shortened Open Enrollment and cut funding for advertising. That means that it’s vital that we all spread the word about Open Enrollment!
Second, Congress has the power to fix this. Call Senator Alexander on Monday, and tell him to continue bipartisan action to permanently fund the cost-sharing reduction payments.
More on the fight for access to quality, affordable healthcare:
After Graham-Cassidy
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