Alexander, Corker Should Oppose Healthcare Tricks on Halloween

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October 31, 2017

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Tennesseans Urge Senators Alexander, Corker to Oppose Health Care Tricks and Tax Break Treats for Millionaires, Corporations on Halloween


Republicans’ New Tax Bill is another trick to dismantle Medicaid and Medicare while giving Tax Breaks to the Wealthy and Corporations



[Nashville, TN] – Ahead of the U.S. House releasing a new tax plan this week, Tennesseans are protesting the latest Republican “tricks” on health care: deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare to pay for “treats,” in this case a $5 trillion tax break giveaway, for millionaires and big corporations.


Advocates used Halloween as a backdrop to urge Senators Alexander and Corker to reject any proposed tax plan that guts Medicare or Medicaid for 74 million working families and starves state budgets to pay for tax breaks for big corporations and millionaires.


“This tax plan is based on a federal budget resolution that could cut over $1.5 trillion in Medicaid and Medicare to pay for over $1.5 trillion in tax breaks that primarily benefit the rich and corporations. Once again, Republicans are coming after our health care and trying to dress it up as ‘reform.’ In reality, it’s a tax giveaway to the top 1 percent at the expense of Tennessee families,” said Andy Spears, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action.


Tennessee Citizen Action supporters also called on Alexander and Corker to prioritize their constituents and reject the new tax bill that rewards the wealthy and corporations while stripping millions of Americans of health care through frightening cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.   Over 1.2 million seniors, children, people with disabilities and veterans depend on Medicaid in Tennessee and 1.5 million are enrolled in Medicare.


“This tax plan is just another trick to take health care away from working families in order to give the wealthy and corporations more treats—in this case, big tax breaks for companies that are already making record profits and tax cuts for the richest 1% of Americans, “ said Spears. “Just like the Republican health care repeal bills, the legislation cuts healthcare from millions to give big tax breaks to a handful of insurance companies, prescriptions drug manufacturers and millionaires.”


Under the Trump Administration’s proposed tax plan, the income tax rate for the wealthiest Americans will be reduced by almost 5 percent, and the corporate tax rate will drop by 15 percent, in addition to other cuts that will benefit the top 1 percent and big corporations. In Tennessee, the richest 1% of households would receive 52% of the state’s tax cuts.


Last week Alexander and Corker both voted for the federal budget resolution that created “fast-track” reconciliation instructions that will enable Republicans to jam this legislation through Congress in just a few weeks, make trillions in cuts to healthcare and other programs and shifts trillions in tax cuts to the rich and corporations.  Constituents continue to urge them to reject this latest bill that will force health care cuts, increase burdens on the state budget, and even raise taxes for some families in Tennessee even while taking away their families’ health care.



“Tennessee families need to know that our Senators will stand and fight for us against tax scam tricks, not give more treats to big corporations and their wealthy donors,” Spears said. “Alexander and Corker should make their positions clear and should vote against any plan that cuts access to healthcare in favor of tax giveaways.”


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