Sumner Activists Speak Out on Tax Scam

A group of Sumner County residents affiliated with Indivisible Sumner County attempted to visit the Gallatin office of Congressman Diane Black today to express concerns about the proposed tax plan Black supports. The group of concerned taxpayers was told by a Sheriff’s Deputy they would not be allowed to enter the public building where Black’s office is housed and instead waited outside for a staff person to meet with them.

Those present said the tax plan supported by Black is unfair as it provides huge tax breaks to the top 1% of Tennesseans while eliminating important tax deductions taken by middle class families. Additionally, the proposal would result in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, potentially impacting more than 2 million Tennesseans who depend on those programs for healthcare.

A press release sent prior to the event outlined more details:

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act prioritizes tax cuts for the wealthiest households and corporations, while adding $1.5 trillion to the national deficit, forcing cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act, and leaving struggling Tennessee families behind with little.

According to a newly released report by the nonpartisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the richest 1% receive the largest share of tax cuts, with the highest earners in Tennessee seeing a cut of about $45K in 2018 increasing to $64K by 2027 at the expense of low and middle-income Tennesseans. Rep. Black, with an estimated net worth is $75 million, would reap the benefits as her Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries are denied services, students denied Pell Grant scholarships, and families with young children refused child care assistance.

“Teachers will lose the $250 tax deduction they receive for purchasing supplies for their classrooms,” said Andy Spears, who attended the event. “This plan also takes away the sales tax deduction, used by more than 450,000 Tennesseans each year. The plan adds to the federal deficit and puts the squeeze on middle class families in our state. Diane Black would get a tax break paid for by ending these important deductions. All the while, the deficit would increase. That’s a bad deal.”



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