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A very important message from our friends at Tennessee Justice Center:

Congress has been playing politics with children’s health coverage for the past two months. Congress failed to reauthorized the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) when it expired on September 30, even though CHIP has strong bipartisan support.

We need you to sign your name on this petition to TN’s Senators and Representatives telling them to reauthorize CHIP & protect the health coverage of TN’s children!
CHIP Lamar Bob
CHIP has always had bipartisan support. CHIP, which is called CoverKids in Tennessee, provides coverage for over 100,000 of Tennessee’s children and 9 million children across the United States.
Time is running out. Although some states have some wiggle room in their finances to keep funding CHIP, that window is closing rapidly. And it looks like Congress may continue to delay CHIP reauthorization until the end of December, even though members of Congress from both parties support reauthorizing CHIP.

SIGN YOUR NAME HERE to tell TN’s Senators and Representatives to stop playing partisan politics and to take care of our children by reauthorizing CHIP/CoverKids.

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