Nashville Indivisible Calls on Corker to Reject #CorkerKickback

A press release from our friends at Nashville Indivisible on Bob Corker’s flip-flop on the Tax Scam:

For immediate release: December 18, 2017

For more information:  Mark Brooks, 615.259.1186


Nashville Indivisible joins the growing chorus of grassroots organizations across Tennessee and the nation calling for U.S. Senator Bob Corker to release his tax returns, in the wake of news that a last-minute change to the proposed Republican tax bill would benefit Corker personally.


Corker – who voted against an earlier Senate version of the bill which did not contain the special tax break for wealthy real estate investors – announced he was switching his vote to “yes” after GOP leaders in Congress released the text of the final version of the bill.


“Tennessee voters are outraged that Bob Corker would change his position by supporting this bill after congressional Republicans inserted a last-minute provision that gives special tax breaks to wealthy real estate investors like Corker and Donald Trump,” stated Mark Brooks, volunteer coordinator for Nashville Indivisible.


“At a minimum, Corker must immediately release his tax returns so that taxpayers can see just how much he will profit personally from this shift in his vote in the Senate.  We also urge Corker to reconsider his position and vote against this bill, which would raise taxes on working and middle-class families, strip health insurance from 13 million Americans, raise insurance premiums for millions more, and drive up federal budget deficits by at least $1.4 trillion.”


Nashville Indivisible is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending democracy, civil rights, dignity, and healthcare for all Tennesseans.




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