Tax Scam Passes House, Senators Alexander, Corker should Oppose

As all Republican members of Tennessee’s congressional delegation voted in favor of the Trump Tax Scam today, the only chance for stopping this reverse Robin Hood bill rests in the U.S. Senate, where Senators Alexander and Corker are being urged to oppose the bill.

Our statement:

“This tax bill is a scam. It’s not about reforming the tax code or creating jobs – its’s about raising taxes on working families and taking away health care from children, seniors, and people with disabilities to increase the wealth of the top 1 percent and big corporations. Congressional leaders are engineering a massive redistribution of wealth from low- and moderate-income families to wealthy individuals, Wall Street CEOS and corporations. Sadly, this legislation was supported by every Republican member of Tennessee’s House delegation.

“Tennessee’s Republican Members of Congress joined leadership in taking action to line the pockets of Wall Street elites by taking health care away from 13 million Americans (including 262,000 Tennesseans), raising premiums for millions more, and taking away tax deductions the middle-class depend on. The Republicans should be ashamed of their vote and this attack on America’s health care and families. While big pharma and CEOs win with this bill, the rest of America pays the price.

“Senators Alexander and Corker should put partisanship aside and stop this disaster by simply rejecting this dangerous bill that will harm our economy, our health, and our families.”

Corker-Lamar Health

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