A Dumping Ground for Dangerous Cars

Nashville’s NewsChannel5 reports on a new law that could make Tennessee a dumping ground for dangerous cars:

A new law could put countless dangerous cars on Tennessee roads by allowing dealers to easily sell cars under safety recall, according to consumer advocates.

“It basically makes Tennessee a dumping ground for unsafe cars that will kill people,” said Andy Spears with Tennessee Citizen Action. “And now there’s an incentive for dealers in other states to ship their dangerous cars here to our dealers, because now we have a way to get rid of those cars.”


Car buyers and all drivers are now at risk:

The Motor Vehicle Recall and Disclosure Act allows used car dealers to sell vehicles under safety recall as long as the buyer signs a disclosure form. But advocates like Spears argue a majority of buyers will overlook that sheet of paper, which will likely be lumped in with the dozens of other forms a person is asked to sign while buying a car.

Spears said the law reverses important protections for car buyers and puts every driver on the road at risk.

While other states have rejected attempts to pass dangerous laws like this one, Tennessee is now the only state in the nation with a law that explicitly allows the sale of used cars under safety recall.

The law was passed with the urging of the Tennessee Automotive Association, a group representing car dealers. The political arm of the Association has made thousands of dollars in contributions to members of the House and Senate Transportation committees.

Anyone looking to buy a used car should run the vehicle’s VIN number through the safercar.gov database to check for active safety recalls. If the car is under recall, don’t buy and don’t do business with a dealer willing to sell a car they know is dangerous.


To learn more about this law and to hear other tips about protecting yourself when buying a used car, attend our workshop by former Tennessee Assistant Attorney General Steve Taterka on January 18th at 6:30. The presentation will be held at the offices of the Tennessee Disability Coalition, 955 Woodland Street in Nashville. 



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