Tell Your Boss to Fire Equifax

This article offers some useful information on services Equifax offers other than credit reporting. While consumers can’t stop the agency from that basic function, they can order a credit freeze and they can ask employers not to use Equifax services. From the article:

As something of a case study, I asked my employer, The New York Times, to cancel its contract with Equifax for a service called Work Number, which provides employment verification and other details like work history and salary. After a few days of consideration, it said it would do so.

In its work for employers, Equifax sucks up other data of all sorts and puts it to use in various ways. Brian Krebs, who runs the Krebs on Security website, reported in May 2017 that an Equifax payroll services unit had allowed thieves to wallow around in the individual salary data of many people for nearly a year. Even after Equifax disclosed the big breach in the fall, sloppy practices continued.



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