Stand Up, Fight Back

TN Star
Steve Gill’s right-wing attack machine is at it again. This time, the target is the work I do for Tennessee Citizen Action.
Just check out that headline on the article in Gill’s Tennessee Star.
The article goes on to cite work I’ve done fighting payday predators and advocating for healthcare for all Tennesseans.
I’m proud of this work and of all the work Tennessee Citizen Action has done in our 21-year history to fight for Tennesseans from Tiptonville to Turtletown.
When Steve Gill and his right-wing machine attacks, we stand up and fight back.
Will you help us fight back with a contribution of $10 or $20 today?
I won’t apologize for fighting back against voter suppression.
I won’t back down from the fight for Medicaid Expansion in Tennessee and Medicare for All for America.
I won’t stop hunting payday predators.
I’m proud of the work we’ve done exposing corporate lobbyists.
When Steve Gill and his right-wing cronies go on the attack, I know we’re getting the job done.
With your help — $10 or $20 todaywe’ll keep fighting every single day for ALL Tennesseans.
For more on our work, follow @TNCitizenAction


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