Tennessee Citizen Action (TNCA) works in the public interest as Tennessee’s premier consumer rights organization. Our mission is to work tirelessly to improve the overall health, well-being, and quality of life for all people who live and work in Tennessee.

The purpose and goals of Tennessee Citizen Action are as follows:

  • To improve and protect our system of civil justice…for all Tennesseans.
  • To improve access to quality, affordable health care…for all Tennesseans.
  • To ensure safe and healthy work condition…for all Tennesseans.
  • To promote opportunities for better living conditions for the poor, elderly, disabled, and unemployed populations.
  • To preserve, protect and improve the environment.
  • To engage in activities as will promote a healthy democracy and social well-being.

Building Coalitions

The longstanding goal of Tennessee Citizen Action is to create long-term public policy change in Tennessee by building diverse coalitions (around our multiple issues) and a state-wide unified movement for reform. To that end, we actively work with a wide range of government reform, civil justice, health care, environmental, and labor organizations.

How We’re Doing

Past victories have been in the area of managed care consumer protections; the public’s right to be informed of, and participate in, decision making processes; improving workplace health and safety conditions, and campaign finance and lobbying reform. We are also active in representing consumer interests in the state legislature with regard to banking fees, common-sense lending reforms, and insurance regulation that help to create an equitable economic system. Every year we strive to improve voter participation in traditionally underserved low-income and minority populations. Read more…

Why We Need You

Your involvement in Tennessee Citizen Action can make a real difference in our state. Whatever the activity – organizing, community outreach, research, public policy advocacy and education  – we’re supported by people like you!  Click here to donate or to volunteer, send an email to andy@tnca.org