Time to Stop the Debt Trap

It’s time we stopped the debt trap created by Tennessee payday lending loan sharks. Tennessee Citizen Action is working every day to ensure we make the changes needed to protect consumers from an endless cycle of payday loan debt. And, our work is getting noticed: We think at the minimum, if we’re going to have […]


Automatic for the People

There’s some great news about this year’s session of the Tennessee General Assembly. YES! You read that correctly. This year’s legislative session offers some truly good news. A pair of bills have been filed to make it easier for individuals to register to vote. We’ve always fought for greater access to the ballot box and […]


Who Will Fight Back?

Steve Gill is at it again. He’s joined with a group of right-wing activists to form a new group, Tennesseans for Conservative Action.  This new group pledges to be involved in legislative advocacy to give tax breaks to the wealthy and weaken protections enjoyed by Tennessee workers. You can count on attacks on unions, efforts to weaken […]


Marsha’s Choice

A Tennessee Loan Shark on the Prowl Marsha Blackburn, who represents Tennessee’s 7th District in Congress, has made her choice. She’s chosen to stand with payday lending loan sharks and against the interests of Tennessee consumers. Blackburn has signed-on to co-sponsor HR 4018, the misnamed “Consumer Protection and Choice Act” that would allow payday lenders […]


Today is the Day

Today is the day. It’s Giving Tuesday — a chance to show your support to organizations that make a difference in the lives of others. We are asking for your help so we can win the fight for economic justice in Tennessee. We’ve set a goal to raise $500 today. Your support will help us continue […]


Speaking Up for the Uninsured

November 11, 2015 by  
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The Jackson Sun has the story of healthcare providers speaking up for the needs of the uninsured as Tennessee policymakers continue to wrestle with the fate of Insure Tennessee. Family Nurse Practitioner Charles Ricard spoke of the need to provide access to care for the chronically ill: “Chronic diseases are the things that consume a […]


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