“This Can’t Be Legal”

NPR is out with a report on the debt trap caused by payday lending loan sharks: A few years ago, a man came to pastor Wes Helm at Springcreek Church in Garland, Texas, and opened up about his financial troubles. Helm looked through the man’s budget and noticed one major monthly expense: a payday loan […]


Taking on Payday Predators

It’s a fight we can win. The fight to rein-in legalized loan sharks and stop the cycle of debt so often associated with payday and car title loans. Newschannel5 reports on our efforts to advocate for a strong rule from the CFPB on payday and car title loans:   For more on payday lending and stopping […]


Stopping the Debt Trap

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Tennessee Citizen Action joined with consumer advocacy groups across the nation to push the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to adopt a strong rule to rein-in payday and car title lenders. That action is drawing attention. A recent story in American Banker notes: “The very nature of this business depends on people borrowing and then re-borrowing […]


A Fight We Can Win

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Yesterday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a proposed rule designed to rein-in payday and car title loan sharks. We are pleased with this first step toward providing relief from the cycle of debt so many borrowers find themselves in after being preyed upon by payday predators. As the rule was being released, we released a report on […]


TNCA Demands Action on Payday Lending

CITIZEN ACTION WELCOMES CFPB SMALL DOLLAR LENDING RULE Releases report about payday predators in Tennessee   (Nashville, TN) – Today, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau releases their long-awaited proposed rule on small-dollar lending and officially opens the period for public comment. Tennessee Citizen Action (TNCA), together with other members of U.S. Action across the country, […]


TNCA to Release Payday Lending Report, Demand Action

Tennessee Citizen Action will hold a press conference on Thursday June 2nd at 1:15 PM to demand a strong rule on payday and car title lending from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and release a report on the impact of payday lending on Tennessee families.               WHO:              Tennessee Citizen Action and partners   […]


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