AUDIO: Lincoln Davis Tells Tennessee’s Congressional Republicans to Stop Playing Politics and Avoid Pushing Constituents Over Fiscal Cliff

This morning Congressman Lincoln Davis held a statewide press call to urge Tennessee members of Congress to act in the best interests of the middle-class Tennesseans they claim to represent. Congressman Davis was joined by veteran, Bob Tuke, small business owner, Earik Beann, and Tennessee State Director for The Action, Justin Wilkins. Listen: Congress […]


Unemployment Extension 101: What You Need to Know

July 23, 2010 by  
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This week the U.S. Senate finally passed the unemployment extension. It was quickly signed into law by President Obama. A quick recap from the Christian Science Monitor includes info on who is and who isn’t eligible, how long the extension is, and how Congress will pay for it. Because it is categorized as “emergency spending,” […]