Medicaid Expansion in Tennessee: Saving Money and Saving Lives

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By Daniel Horwitz In deciding whether or not to expand Medicaid coverage here in Tennessee, Governor Haslam faces a simple choice: accept $10.5 billion in Federal funds over the next six years to provide health insurance for an additional 331,000 Tennesseans, or continue to force our poorest neighbors to get their healthcare in emergency rooms. […]


A Tennessee for All Town Hall

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A Tennessee for All Town Hall is a direct response to the extremism that Jim Demint and Heritage Action for America (aka The Heritage Foundation) are bringing to middle-Tennessee next week with their “Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour.” JOIN: Tennessee Citizen Action and… Senator Estes Kefauver (portrayed by Greg Welsch) Writer/Filmmaker Molly Secours (www.mollysecours) Michele […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement on Supreme Court Voting Rights Act Decision

Today, Tennessee Citizen Action was invited to stand with the NAACP Nashville Branch, the ACLU of TN, the Urban League of Middle Tennessee, and others in acknowleging that this week the Supreme Court delivered a devastating setback to civil rights in America. Our statement: In the Court’s eyes, “things have changed dramatically” since the days of […]


Supreme Court: States Cannot Demand Additional Proof of Citizenship To Register to Vote. Ted Cruz: “We’ll See About That.”

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Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot demand additional proof of citizenship to register to vote. Almost immediately after, Senator Ted Cruz of  Texas filed an amendment to the immigration reform bill that “permits states to require ID for voter registration.” From RollCall: In his majority opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia explained that while Arizona’s law […]


Business Leaders Back Federal Immigration Reform

From the Tennessean:  A group of Tennessee business leaders lent their support Thursday for federal legislation aimed at comprehensive immigration reform. The bill is currently pending in the U.S. Senate. “It is definitively time to reform a flawed immigration system,” said Catherine Glover, president of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “Reform will establish […]


FROM TIRRC: Tennessee Voters Support Senate Immigration Bill 3-to-1

Good news from Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition: According to the results of Harper Polling, an independent polling firm, over three-fourths of Tennessee voters support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers and families already here. Over three-fourths also think the bill currently in Congress is tough but fair, and want Senators Alexander and […]


Fly the Flag for Citizenship

TAKE ACTION: Please take a minute to email both Tennessee Senators, Senator Lamar Alexander & Senator Bob Corker, and urge them to support S.744 and immigration reform that creates a roadmap for 11 million Americans who aspire to be citizens, secures rights and protections for all workers, and keeps families together. A script is provided (but you can edit it […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TN Citizen Action Statement on Passage of Workers’ Comp Bill – “We promise.”

TENNESSEE CITIZEN ACTION RELEASES STATEMENT ON HOUSE PASSAGE OF HB194, WORKERS’ COMP BILL “We promise.” Nashville, Tenn. (April 11, 2013) – Mary Mancini, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action, issued the following statement on House passage of HB194: “With passage of this bill that guts workers’ comp as we know it by drastically cutting insurance […]


TN Citizen Action Calls Governor’s Response “Bizarre,” Urges Action by State House

In response to today’s Tennessean story – you know, the one where the Governor’s spokesperson says that the Governor’s proposal to move the workers’ compensation to the Departement of Labor and Workforce Development and the problems in the labor department were unrelated? – TN Citizen Action executive director Mary Mancini released the following statement (pasted below). […]


PLEASE SHARE: The Big Picture in TN – Waste, Abuse & Mismanagement

THE TRUTH ABOUT TENNESSEE STATE GOVERNMENT This week we’re starting off with a request - please share this short but time-sensitive email with as many of your friends, family, co-wokers across the state as you can. It’s beyond time to tell the truth about what’s happening in Tennessee state government! WASTE, ABUSE & MISMANAGMENT This week findings of the State […]


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