TN Citizen Action Calls Governor’s Response “Bizarre,” Urges Action by State House

In response to today’s Tennessean story – you know, the one where the Governor’s spokesperson says that the Governor’s proposal to move the workers’ compensation to the Departement of Labor and Workforce Development and the problems in the labor department were unrelated? – TN Citizen Action executive director Mary Mancini released the following statement (pasted below). […]



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Since 1919 workers’ compensation has helped hardworking men and women who get hurt on the job take care of their families. Throughout the decades it has meant security, well-being & peace of mind for families when breadwinners are injured on the job. On Thursday, February 28, the Tennessee Advisory Council on Workers’ Compensation will meet in Nashville and review the […]


We’re #4! We’re #4!

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According to subscribers and staff of the Associated Press Tennessee, the 4th top story of 2012 was the state’s implementation of election changes, including requiring government-issued photo identification to vote. In 2012, Tennessee Citizen Action was on top of #4, shining a much-needed spotlight on the far-right’s assault on voting rights in Tennessee. But that’s […]


Boehner Rings, Are You Listening?

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You might think, because it’s that time of year, that the sound you heard coming out of Washington last night was the bells of Christmas. But it was really the sound of ideologies clashing. At your expense. Despite time running out for Congress to avert an automatic tax hike on all Americans on January 1, […]


NEWSLETTER 17 DEC 2012: Heckled, Fact Checked, and Dismantled

TENNESSEE CITIZEN ACTION NEWSLETTER Monday, December 17, 2012 Tennesseans Take Action, Stand Up for Working People Tennesseans Heckled for Taking Action Small Business Owners Fact Check Diane Black Budget Showdown: Stale Rhetoric vs. Reality Take Action On the Horizon: Dismantling Worker’s Compensation Connect with Citizen Action Donate to Citizen Action   TENNESSEANS TAKE ACTION, STAND […]


Tennessee Citizen Action Leads Poll Watching Collaboration in Davidson County

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Nashville, Tenn. (November 5, 2012) — Tennessee Citizen Action, along with many other organizations and concerned citizens, have launched a large Poll Watching initiative to protect the vote in Davidson County, TN. Over one hundred and sixty volunteers have been trained as non-partisan Poll Watchers and on Election Day will fan out to protect the […]


More Zombie Legislation: Secret Campaign Contributions are Back

The state legislature has brought back from the dead a bill that if passed will dismantle campaign finance reforms and, among other things, allow corporations to make secret cash campaign contributions in the critical 10 days before an election. HB3281 was taken off notice in the House on 4/10 but is back and will be […]


The Legend of Legislative Bigfoot

THE LEGEND OF LEGISLATIVE BIGFOOT:Does a Government That Works for Us Really Exist? Short answer: No, not right now it doesn’t. For those of you keeping score at home, below is a summary of the legislative priorities of the Republican majority in the state legislature. In a nutshell, they are crafting and passing public policy […]


Clear Plastic Cup? You First. (A Sing-a-Long)

Last week a bill requiring Tennesseans receiving TANF benefits (Temporary Assistantance for Needy Familiee) to be drug tested was approved by a Senate committee. This week it was approved in the House Health subcommittee. And now we have just one more bill that is a solution in search of a problem. People who are unemployed are not criminals. […]


Problems at the Polls in TN? Call Toll-Free Hotline

To ensure the fundamental right to vote is preserved for all Tennesseans, the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee (ACLU-TN) has established a toll-free Election Day hotline to help voters who encounter problems at the polls on Tuesday, March 6. WHAT: Toll-free Election Day hotline – 877-651-1999 WHEN: The hotline will be open from 7 a.m. […]


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